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ThePlace: Rajajil Columns, the ‘Stonehenge of Saudi Arabia’

Sat, 2021-10-02 02:53

The Rajajil Columns, a mysterious site located 20 kilometers south of Sakakah city, are often nicknamed the “Stonehenge of Saudi Arabia.”

The name of the site translates to “the men,” and the monument might be the oldest in the region, researchers say.

Mystery surrounding the origins of the monument has attracted significant attention and visitors from around the Kingdom. Many myths and superstitions surround the columns. Archaeologists understand that the site served as a burial place, but have yet to discover more about the importance of the columns.

Archaeologists understand that the site served as a burial place but others believe the columns served an astronomical purpose

The site consists of 50 monolithic stones that stick out of the ground at different angles. It is believed that they have stood in position since about 4,000 B.C. However, over the centuries, some have fallen to the ground.

Despite the dominant burial site theory, a competing belief proposes that the stones originally served an astronomical purpose due to the angles in which they stand in relation to the stars above, adding to the mystery of the site.

Visitors must seek prior permission from authorities before visiting the site.

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