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Saudi Salam project to launch 4th program for youth

Sun, 2021-10-03 01:43

RIYADH: The Salam Project for Cultural Communication on Sunday will launch the fourth session of the Young Leaders Program, with the participation of 60 young men and women.

The program aims to develop participants’ cognitive capacities and skills and empower them to have effective and influential cultural communication with other cultures, participate in international forums and promote a positive image of the Kingdom.

Executive director of the project, Fahd bin Sultan Al-Sultan, said that the 60 participants would be trained for three months through an integrated system of training meetings and tools to develop their knowledge and skills for effective cultural communication.

The program includes training workshops and panel discussions aiming to empower participants to acquire scientific knowledge on the most prominent issues and challenges facing the Kingdom.

The program will include field visits to meet experts to draw on their experiences and learn about the Kingdom’s cultural efforts and accomplishments.

Participants will learn about human diversity among people with different cultural backgrounds. The program will cover initiatives and projects to invest the knowledge and skills learned in the service of participants’ future international contributions.

More than 1,200 people applied to the program, but only 60 applicants who met the terms of enrolment were selected. The participants have the capacity, experience and competency to interact with other cultures, are proficient in international languages, have previously participated in international events and have the expertise that goes with the program’s policy and objectives.

Al-Sultan highlighted the importance of investing youth with talents and capacities to use their skills to promote a positive image of the Kingdom globally.

Up to 180 people have graduated from the program in the last three sessions. Graduates have participated in more than 110 international forums held in more than 32 countries, where they presented more than 30 workshops.

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