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Indian embassy celebrates Gandhi Jayanti and 75 years of India-Saudi relations

Sat, 2021-10-02 20:33

RIYADH: The Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia hosted a stamp and coin exhibition on Saturday to commemorate the 152nd Gandhi Jayanti and 75 years of India-Saudi diplomatic ties.

Gandhi Jayanti is a day remembering the birth of Mahatma Gandhi and is celebrated each year on Oct. 2 with community activities that honor his role in achieving India’s independence.

“Today we are celebrating the 152nd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi; we are celebrating the impact he has had all over the world in promoting peace, women’s empowerment, climate change and empowering the local industry,” Indian Ambassador Dr. Ausaf Sayeed told Arab News.

The exhibition also marked the 75th anniversary of Indian-Saudi diplomatic ties since India gained its independence.

The event began with the lighting of a ceremonial lamp by the ambassador and his counterparts. Lamp lighting is a tradition in India to start any ceremony with good tidings and wishes.

The Indian ambassador gave a speech on the importance of celebrating the diplomatic anniversary of the establishment of Saudi-India relations and Gandhi Jayanti.

Sayeed thanked two collectors and their counterparts for arranging the exhibition to allow visitors and distinguished guests to experience the culture and history of both countries.

Some of the rarest dated coins and stamps collected by philatelist Mirza Mohammed Nawab and Numismatist Sameer Alambath were on show at the exhibition.

Nawab and Alambath have spent decades collecting coins and stamps from across India and Saudi Arabia, and displayed their collection for the special event.

The stamp and coin exhibition highlighted ancient and modern moments in Indian and Saudi Arabian history.

The ceremony ended with the ambassador and his family taking a tour through the exhibition site and thanking attendees.

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