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Joint Incident Assessment Team: Coalition did not strike hospital in Taiz, Yemen

Wed, 2021-09-29 21:43

RIYADH: The Joint Incident Assessment Team in Yemen has found the Arab military coalition was not responsible for an attack on a hospital in Taez last year.

Al-Amal Hospital for Cancer Treatment in the city was damaged on 24 Oct. and two care workers were injured, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen said at the time.

The attack was blamed by residents and Yemeni military officials on shelling by the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

In a report on Wednesday into five alleged errors by the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy, the JIAT said the nearest site targeted on the same day as the hospital attack was 245 kilometers away.

In another incident in Saada province in February 2018, the JIAT said the coalition did not target with airstrikes a group of girls and the first responders helping them.
Investigators found that the airstrikes hit their targets – a rocket launcher hidden under a tree, and two Houthis vehicles being driven away from the rocket launcher site. The airstrikes hit almost 7 kilometers away from the claimed incident.

“The procedures taken by Coalition Forces, in dealing with the legitimate military target (rocket launcher hidden under a tree) and (two vehicles belonging to Al-Houthi armed militia) in (Bagim) directorate of (Saada) governorate, were correct and in accordance with the International Humanitarian Law and its customary rules,” JIAT said.

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