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Curious as cats: Riyadh Season secret events has Saudis excited

Ameera Abid
Wed, 2021-09-29 23:30

JEDDAH: A secret meeting between the General Entertainment Authority chairman and Saudi social media influencers on their anticipated participation in the upcoming Riyadh Season has curious Saudis itching for answers.
The influencers posted sneak peeks of the meeting, snapping pictures with GEA chairman, Turki Al-Alshaikh, and posting videos telling viewers that they cannot disclose information. Still, good things are expected in a season dubbed “Imagine More.”
They say curiosity killed the cat, but curious residents of the Kingdom have flocked to social media platforms, speculating on what was behind the meeting and what they can look forward to most.
Hana Kanee, a 29-year-old artist, saw several influencers post snippets and she sifted through social media for hints. 
“Having world-class events that I never even dreamed would be in my own backyard is something beyond my wildest imagination,” she said. “Instead of leaving the country regularly on vacations, events can be accessed and attended for free right here at home.”
Kanee is especially interested in artistic events.
“I have a special connection to art and cannot wait to attend the various art and cultural events,” she said. “I want to know more but they are all staying mum.”
Sami Al-Awani, a 31-year-old Saudi, expressed his excitement over the buzz of Riyadh Season returning.
“It was amazing seeing the entertainment sector develop over the years,” he said. “I was born in the 1990s and we did not have these events growing up. But now I see the sector develop year after year to compete with the global standards.”
Al-Awani hopes there will be a significant and wild return of the WWE event, “The Crown Jewel.”
“It will be a huge event and will compete with other global events of the same nature,” he said. “I hope that there are gaming festivals, too. I think it will be very interesting.”
Saudi residents are looking forward to an event schedule and are eagerly awaiting the announcements. As some of the influencers’ interests are general and diverse, it is hard to decipher any code they might be sending, 23-year-old Ohoud Filemban said.
“As a huge K-pop fan, I would love to see the concert list and hope to see K-pop bands on it,” she told Arab News. “Obviously K-pop bands will be coming to Saudi but I am just hoping I get my chance this time. I will be on the lookout for the announcements and will immediately get my tickets.”
Filemban added: “There has been chatter on social media about the upcoming events and they have been hyping up the seasons. I am personally very excited because seeing what they have been doing in the past and the scale of the events we saw before COVID-19, I expect big things.”

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