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Saudi Arabia reiterates commitment to Yemen’s security and stability

Arab News
Wed, 2021-07-07 02:30

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has reiterated its commitment to Yemen’s security and stability, and to the legitimate government in that country.
The Kingdom supports efforts to reach a comprehensive political solution to end the crisis, urging “all parties to accept political solutions to unite ranks among all components of the Yemeni spectrum,” the Saudi Press Agency reported.
Representatives of the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council met in the Saudi capital on Thursday to discuss the implementation of an agreement to resolve their differences in a peaceful manner.
The Kingdom reminded the two sides about the urgency of sticking to the agreement in order to unite the various segments of Yemeni society to prevent bloodshed and achieve security and stability.
Both sides had earlier signed what is known as the Riyadh Initiative, which obliges all parties to accept political solutions and end the violence that erupted in 2019.
At the cabinet session, chaired by King Salman on Tuesday, Saudi Arabia also condemned continued attempts by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia to target civilians and civilian objects, in violation of the Stockholm Agreement, by launching hostile attacks from Hodeidah Governorate.
Yemen’s Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani said on Monday that the Houthi militants have been taking advantage of the 2018 Stockholm Agreement with the Yemeni government to further their terror activities in the conflict-ridden country.
The militia’s “use of the (Red Sea) ports of Hodeidah Alsalif, Ras Esa to prepare bomb-laden, remotely controlled boats confirms that Houthis have used the Stockholm Agreement to serve their terror activities,” Al-Eryani said, according to state news agency SABA.
The Pentagon said the US is committed to working with Saudi Arabia to end the war in Yemen and in confronting Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region.
The US Department of Defense has condemned attacks launched by Houthis toward Saudi Arabia.

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