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Who’s Who: Abdulrahman Alsheail, director general at Saudi Arabia’s Institute of Public Administration

Wed, 2021-06-30 23:18

Abdulrahman Alsheail has been the director general of the human resources department at the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) since September 2020.

As an HR director, he spends his days leading the IPA’s succession planning and leadership development strategies. In the past, he has been commended for effectively managing the change process to build goal-oriented responsibilities while maximizing customer service and satisfaction.

He has a proven track record and diverse experiences, translating a deep understanding of business into capital plans that build employee engagement, strengthen leader capabilities, and optimize effectiveness.

Alsheail was nominated by CIPD Middle East People Awards in 2019 for its HR Rising Star of the Year award. In 2020, he received a mention at the awards for Best L&D Program.

His background in English and translation has helped him to work with global HR associations to translate HR content into Arabic, even adding new HR terminologies to the language.

After joining the IPA in 2010, Alsheail was appointed as a recruitment officer at the institute’s English Language Center, where for four years he planned, organized, and coordinated recruitment activities.

He was then tasked with directing the international partnerships department, a post he held for nearly a year. From 2016 to 2020, he was the director of the IPA’s HR development department.

Alsheail received a bachelor’s degree in English language and translation from Qassim University in 2004. Six years later, he obtained a master’s degree in teaching international languages from California State University. He was also granted a CIPD diploma in HR practices and has many other specialized certifications,  such as in global remuneration and returns on investment.

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