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Saudi Arabia launches campaign to provide health, educational, training services to refugees in Jordan

Mon, 2021-06-28 01:45

AMMAN: The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) inaugurated on Saturday the fifth volunteer campaign in Jordan’s Zaatari camp for Syrian refugees.

The one-week campaign includes providing the refugees with health, educational and training services, along with supporting and empowering them.

The center’s volunteer delegation conducted a field visit to the Zaatari camp to form a picture of the camp’s nature, identify its needy groups and launch preparations to start providing Syrian refugees with services.

The campaign is part of the programs organized by KSrelief, which stems from the center’s belief in the importance of volunteer work.

The center has continued undertaking humanitarian work in Yemen’s Aden governorate by organizing training sessions aimed at improving the country’s health care system. The sessions, held in cooperation with the World Health Organization, benefited 19 health care workers and 19 health care facilities

The training covered the concepts and standards of quality, human resources and the policies and measures aimed at improving the quality of health care.


KSrelief has implemented 1,616 projects worth almost $5.3 billion in 68 countries.

The undersecretary of Yemen’s Health Ministry, Dr. Shawqi Al-Sharjabi, expressed his appreciation for KSrelief’s support of the rehabilitation of medical staff in Yemeni government hospitals, which would improve the performance of health care facilities in Yemeni governorates.

KSrelief held several training sessions that benefited 145 workers from 18 health care facilities last May.

The center also continued to support the treatment of children suffering from malnutrition in Yemen’s Lahij governorate. This came within the scope of the project aimed at supporting the nutrition of children under the age of five, pregnant women and lactating mothers in seven Yemeni governorates.

KSrelief provides assistance to three health care bodies in the district; the health care unit in Haih region, the health care unit in Zanubah region and the therapeutic nutrition center at Tur Al-Bahah General Hospital.

Director of the Health Ministry’s office in Tur Al-Bahah Dr. Jamil Mahmoud noted that “272 children with severe cases of malnutrition and 1,332 children with mild cases of malnutrition have benefited from the malnutrition treatment services.” He expressed his thanks to KSrelief for its generous humanitarian gesture.

This initiative comes within the framework of the humanitarian and relief projects that the Kingdom, represented by the center, offers to the Yemeni people.

KSrelief has implemented 1,616 projects worth almost $5.3 billion in 68 countries. The initiatives have been carried out in cooperation with 144 local, regional and international partners since the inception of the center in May 2015.

Yemen, Palestine, Syria and Somalia are among the top beneficiary countries of KSrelief assistance.

The center’s programs include food security, water sanitation and hygiene, health, education, emergency aid, nutrition, multi cluster, early recovery and logistics.

According to a recent KSrelief report, the countries and territories that benefited the most from the center’s projects were Yemen ($3.5 billion), Palestine ($363 million), Syria ($305 million) and Somalia ($203 million).

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