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Saudi engineer transforms private farm in Al-Baha into ‘hanging garden’

Thu, 2021-06-17 00:37

MAKKAH: A Saudi engineer has transformed his family’s private farm into a splendid garden, which he has called the “botanical bridge garden.” 

He has used his new attraction to introduce visitors to the various delicious fruits found in Al-Baha province. A 100-meter suspension bridge hosts the botanical garden, designed to allow the visitors to safely take photos and enjoy the 10,000-square-meter botanical cover.

The project manager, Ahmed Ali Al-Qurai, said that the idea began during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. He wanted to create a garden and develop it from a private family farm that boasted various trees and fruits to be used for hospitality.

Al-Qurai told Arab News that the idea soon turned into a tourist investment project with a bridge suspended through expert engineering. “This idea is the fruit of many years of experience that culminated with implementing a zip line ride and the free-sliding-down ride in Raghadan Park in Al-Baha two years ago.”

He noted that the project is proceeding at an accelerated pace, witnessing more events and various recreational activities throughout the summer. He added that the team has constructed various seating areas in the park.

“The bridge is suspended using wires, it is safe and can hold very large loads according to tight engineering foundations,” he said.



The garden covers more than 10,000 square meters of green terraces and flats with several fruit tree species including pomegranates, grapes, spiny figs, apricots and peaches.

The idea sparked great interest among vacationers from Al-Baha and beyond. “Visitors’ opinions and perceptions helped us  to further develop the project and enrich the events. We aim through this project to promote various channels of tourist attractions in the region,” said Al-Qurai.

He pointed out that rural tourism is a major economic driver, and that there are many similar attractions globally that have met a growing demand.

Al-Baha is one of the most beautiful areas in Saudi Arabia, he said, noting that it is characterized by its cold weather in the summer and its continuous rainfall, turning it into a safe haven from the high temperatures that hit most Saudi cities. “Visitors can, thanks to these projects, enjoy the weather and services provided.”

Al-Qurai explained that the Botanical Bridge Park adopts the best safety requirements and is considered an architectural masterpiece built in harmony with nature.

A company specialized in tourism projects built the park in Al-Qura village in the province of Baljurashi, where visitors can enjoy the rural atmosphere and the beauty of the garden, taking pictures from the top of the bridge and relishing the spirit of adventure.

He added that the garden has a watercourse that runs through all corners, seating areas and sites. The seating areas along with the bridge are designed to form tourist attractions, emulating the ancient heritage of Al-Baha.

Moreover, the farm has more than 250 trees that give shade and take the visitor to different worlds of rural culture and relaxation.

Al-Qurai said that agricultural tourism gives people a chance to escape the world of concrete facilities and that it revives the rural culture that allows us to enjoy nature, interact with pastoral life, expand vegetation cover areas to reduce pollution, and create agricultural environments.

He added that Saudi Arabia has areas that enjoy all of the components for the formation of a strong agricultural power, “if we conduct the required studies and support the specialized ideas in this context.”

The implementation of such projects will guide the compass to the Saudi interior, he said, and even find permanent tourist complexes to visit the various regions and cities of the Kingdom.

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