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Literature Commission launches Saudi publishing house

Thu, 2021-06-10 00:12

RIYADH: The Literature, Translation and Publishing Commission announced the launch of the Saudi publishing house, which is owned by the commission, with legal and financial autonomy and an independent governance system.

It will develop the publishing industry and enrich the cultural scene with impactful, high-quality work. The commission will support publishers, practitioners, cultural agencies and bodies related to the publishing sector, in addition to promoting Saudi books and distributing them locally and globally.

The publishing house seeks to contribute to realizing the goals of the National Strategy for Culture and respond to the requirements of the cultural advancement in the Kingdom.

It will address constraints in accessing cultural works, leading to the decrease in investment attractiveness in the Saudi publishing sector, and the low competitiveness of Saudi publishing houses in the region and the world.

Moreover, the Saudi publishing house aims to stimulate the local publishing movement, improve its content quality and serve all the other cultural sectors, as well as highlight the Kingdom’s developed and vital cultural scene internally and externally. It will promote and distribute Saudi books as efficiently as possible.

The publishing house will provide all its services in partnership with authorities that are qualified in the Saudi publishing sector. It will also focus on supporting the role of small and emerging Saudi publishing houses, local printing houses, Saudi practitioners and institutions specialized in copyright.

The publishing house will also invest in modern publishing technology.

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