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King Abdul Aziz Foundation releases second part of Palestinian documentary on Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic, economic and military efforts

Tue, 2021-06-08 23:10

RIYADH: The King Abdul Aziz Foundation has released the second part of its documentary collection highlighting the permanent relationship between Saudi Arabia and Palestine.
“Palestine: A Candle that Wasn’t Extinguished” also explores the political correlation between the issue of Jerusalem and international political issues in the Saudi diplomatic agenda.
This section reveals the roots of a spiritual and political interdependence dating back to the era of King Abdul Aziz, when the Mufti of Jerusalem sent a message to the ruler asking for help and assistance in 1936. The founding king replied that Palestine,“the pupil of my eye, cannot be waived.”
The documentary was published on the Al-Darah channel on YouTube and all its social media platforms.
The historical material also includes photographic documents and a letter sent by King Abdul Aziz to US President Franklin Roosevelt, dated March 1945, confirming the outcome of the meeting between the two leaders at the Great Bitter Lake in Egypt a few months earlier, as well as the contents of his official letter.
The four-minute documentary features news from the Umm Al-Qura newspaper, the official Saudi publication, on the march of the army made up of volunteers to join forces defending the sanctities of the Islamic nation in Palestine and protecting the sanctity of the first two Qiblas from Israeli forces, who entered Palestine following the decision to divide it in 1947.
King Abdul Aziz issued his decision for the Saudi army and volunteers to join other Arab armies in the war against the Israeli occupiers.
“Al-Darah also included a picture of a news story about the arrival of the Saudi military aircraft to Cairo in preparation for defending Arab Palestine, and pictures of the-then Minister of Defense Prince Mansour bin Abdul Aziz among the army personnel ready to participate in the struggle against the brutal colonizer,” the foundation said.
The series is an extensive reference for researchers and specialists in the Palestinian cause, and a reliable key to further tracing and detailing the Kingdom’s relationship with Palestine.

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