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Harpreet Singh: A Diligent Social Worker In Delhi Who Has Come As A Blessing During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Harpreet Singh is well known and widely appreciated as a social worker and youth leader in the city of Delhi in India. He completed his higher education from the distinguished Westminster University of London. He came back to India with only one goal: to serve the society and make use of his qualifications and experiences to better the lives of the disadvantaged and underprivileged people.

Harpreet Singh has collaborated and partnered with numerous Non Government organizations and local help groups in order to make systematic and regular help reach slums and villages around the city. One of the most recognized social works of Harpreet Singh and his team is when hundreds of children in villages around Delhi were connected to their local Government schools and were provided with uniforms, stationery and shoes. Commenting on this, Harpreet Singh said, “Education is the most important tool that we can give to children. In underdeveloped villages, there is a huge problem of children not attending schools simply because their parents aren’t aware of the opportunities. We ran an awareness programme in the villages and ensured that all parents willingly sent their kids to school and gave them the education they deserve.” In the same villages and slum areas, Harpreet’s team also made considerable efforts towards bettering sanitation facilities and improving cleanliness and hygiene.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Harpreet Singh has emerged as one of the social workers who are tirelessly providing healthcare and essential services to the people affected by the virus. His own Non Government Organization “India Together Foundation” has been actively engaged in making oxygen cylinders and concentrators available to families of people who don’t have the means or resources to buy/get them themselves.
Under Harpreet’s guidance, the India Together Foundation is also involved in distributing masks, sanitizers and health kits to hundreds of people in the city of Delhi.

Harpreet Singh and his team have come forward in making food and water available to migrant workers and labourers as well. They’ve curated personalized food packages and distributed them to numerous hand-to-mouth workers in and around Delhi. The packages contain vegetables, food grains, oils, spices, milk and water.

Through relentless endeavours and action and solution oriented help programmes, Harpreet Singh has proved how able, promising and efficient he is as a social worker and youth leader.

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