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Saudi Arabia to resume entertainment activities for those who received COVID-19 vaccine

Thu, 2021-05-27 16:34

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia will allow entertainment activities to resume for those who are vaccinated against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) said on Thursday.
The announcement came as the Kingdom begins relaxing restrictions imposed to check the spread of the disease, in accordance with procedures approved by the Public Health Authority (Weqaya).
The procedures also include requirements for event organizers and visitors to apply precautionary measures when holding entertainment events.
The measures include four main axes: environment, prevention and social distancing; reporting and monitoring; awareness; and implementation.
Entertainment venues will be allowed to open at 40 percent capacity in open spaces, it said, as they had previously been halted due to the spread of the pandemic.
GEA said those who have been immunized will be allowed access to entertainment activities according to the Tawakkalna app.
The authority said precautionary measures, such as social distancing, wearing masks and providing sterilizers in the various event sites must be implemented to the fullest.
The authority added that tickets for all events will be sold online and would be limited, adding that precise entry hours must be set for visitors.
Checkpoints must be set up at all the main entrances for reporting and monitoring purposes, including measuring temperatures and inquiring about respiratory symptoms, and visitors and customers who have high temperatures or respiratory symptoms are prohibited from entry.
GEA also urged organizers to report any cases among employees at events who have a high temperature and prevent them from working at events.
Awareness of everyone involved in events is also important, the authority said, including the need to educate workers, visitors and those in charge of recreational places about the symptoms of the disease and its spread, in addition to making them aware of the need to disclose when any symptoms appear. It also called for providing educational materials and publishing informative signs of the precautionary measures and procedures.
GEA urged the organizers of entertainment events to conduct mandatory COVID-19 health and safety training for all employees, to train officials at the examination points on the use of the temperature measuring devices, and to appoint supervisors responsible for applying the requirements and trained security guards to prevent crowding and apply physical distancing.
GEA called on all involved in events, including organizers and all visitors, to adhere to procedures issued by the Public Health Authority. It said it was ready to provide support in reviewing plans and procedures for each event to ensure the safety of attendees and organizers. 

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